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On Tuesday night I had a blast getting to know fellow beauty enthusiasts at the BFVA Fall Guru Glam Event. First of all, the party was at the Hollywood Museum where Max Factor used to have his factory! I can’t believe I had never been there before. Factor’s makeup rooms were divided up into three rooms: one for Blondes Only, one for Brownettes Only and one for Brunettes Only. And there were incredible pieces of history in each room… the Brownette room had makeup used on Judy Garland AND her ruby slippers from Wizard of Oz, the Brunette room had makeup used on Ava Gardner and the Blonde room had Marilyn Monroe’s makeup!

Such a perfect venue to bring top beauty and fashion vloggers together. And I got to know everyone up close and personal because I had the privilege of doing mini makeovers on them with Proactiv and Sheer Cover! Not surprisingly, most were pretty familiar with the lines but I got to introduce them to the amazing new products and share my love of them with everyone. It truly was a treat.

By the way, how PRETTY are our fellow vloggers?! Way to represent, ladies!

Photos by CeCe Castle & Frances Lacuzzi